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Does Modern Democracy have the instruments to defend itself? Based on the examples of Germany, Israel, Turkey and Poland

Authors: Dr Uri Huppert, Maria Gajda

Published: Critique of Law, Volume II, Warsaw 2010

In this article the authors ask questions about the condition of the liberal democracy, which is under the pressure of religious fundamentalisms.

The “classical” democracies of the Western world showed weakness towards totalitarian systems. The Weimar Constitution of Germany enabled Hitler to gain power. Turkey, as a result of Ataturk’s heritage, defends itself against the Muslim fundamentalism with its constitution and army. Will it manage? Poland, which experienced both black and red terror, included appropriate “defensive” paragraphs in its constitution. Is this effective? Israel is a secular parliamentary democracy, with no constitution. Is it really able to defend its system, despite being under pressure from the rabbis? (from: Summary, Critique of Law, Vol II, Warsaw 2010)

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